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「2019 第四屆國際代謝手術卓越聯聯盟論壇」 —代謝形體治療新世紀 暨第六屆亞洲肥胖出走




國際代謝手術卓越聯盟為減重與代謝手術國際醫療組織,二年一次於台灣舉辦「國際代謝手術卓越聯盟論壇」已行有餘年, 國內外代謝減重及形體雕塑手術精英藉此機會齊聚一堂,並交流與分享醫療成果,在國際間已頗負盛名。


除了此學術研討會之外,同時舉辦第六屆亞洲肥胖出走(Asia Obesity Walk),邀請民眾與各國醫療人員同步健走,並於健走闖關過程中,傳播肥胖及代謝疾病預防與治療的正確知識。

2019 IEF 4th Forum in conjunction with 6th Asia Obesity Walk
The New Era of B&M— Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, Body Contouring and Intragastric Balloon & Botox

Introduction & Invitation

International Excellence Federation (IEF) for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery aims to establish a high quality academic network in the world.
Since Dr. Chih-Kun Huang found the plateform, IEF has held Forum four times and Asia Obesity Walk 5 times in Asia-Pacific regions.
This year,IEF will hold 4th IEF Forum and 6th Asia Obesity Walk which will take place in Taichung, Taiwan during December 6th-8th.
The theme is “The New Era of B&M” which contains Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, Body Contouring Surgery and Endoscopy Intra-gastric Balloon & Botox treatments.
On December 6th, a pre-congress workshop (only 24 seats available) is going to be held in Body Science & Metabolic Disorders International Medical Center, China Medical University Hospital.
It will provide participants front-row-seat hands-on experience of Bariatric surgery; Endoscopicintra-gastric Balloon & Botox and Body Contouring Surgery.
And next day, December 7th, opening ceremony and Forum will take place at China Medical University, discussing over detailed case scenarios & highlights on keynote speeches and top 3 papers presentations in bariatric & metabolic surgery, bariatric endoscopy and body contouring surgery.
Followed by Asia Obesity Walk tournament at XinShe Castle in the afternoon, promised to thoroughly work out both of your brain & body.
Lastly, on December 8th, Forum is continued by guest speakers & mentors over the world to make sure all our participants gain up-to-date with the latest and the most efficient bariatric & metabolic treatments, both surgical and medical.
We are looking forward to meet with your favorable agreement and join us in making 4th IEF Forum 2019 and 6th Asia Obesity Walk a success.